Hansa Heavy Lift delivers cranes to Turkey

HAMBURG: Hansa Heavy Lift  (HHL) has completed the transport of six rubber-tyred gantry (RTG) cranes, each weighing 135 tonnes  from Japan to Turkey.

The units were loaded at the port of Saiki in southern Japan on behalf of Mitsui Engineering and Shipbuilding and delivered to the Turkish ports of  Gebze and Gemlik by charterer Yilport Konteyner Terminal Ve Liman Isletmeleri (Yilport Holding). “By optimising the number of cranes transported on a single vessel, HHL presented us with a very cost-effective and efficient option,” commented Yilport Holding Engineering Service director Selami Mercan.

“This was an unusually high number of RTGs being transported on a P2-800 vessel, compelling us to extend the deck as well as ensure there was sufficient space between the units, so that all cargo could be accommodated safely,” explained HHL project engineer Mohammad Abbas.

The deck extension included six metres to the aft side and three metres to the starboard side, as well as a total of 11 tween deck pontoons being stowed on deck to accommodate all units.

“Due to the sensitivity of the cargo units, additional precautions needed to be taken, including a motion response analysis to determine the effects of any accelerations on the cargo during the voyage,” he added.