APM Terminals provides single-source solar solution

MUMBAI: February 2019. APM Terminals Inland Services, South Asia is helping set up solar power plants in isolated areas of India by providing customised project logistics to overcome transport, technical and what it describes as “procedural challenges”.

APMT is offering a new end-to-end solution for major solar projects including receiving cargo at portside, Customs facilitation, multimodal transportation and site unloading.

“Back in 2015, solar power was just beginning to catch everybody’s attention and imports from China were picking up at a tremendous pace. To date, we have handled more than 15 large projects from most of the leading solar players, covering over 10,500 acres of land,” explained Ajit Venkataraman, managing director of APMT Inland Services South Asia.

“It is about reaching the destination, especially when there are no or bad roads. For instance, one of the recent installation sites [was] in Rajasthan across the Thar desert,” he added.

India aims to install 100 GW of solar energy by 2022 – four times the current capacity. The country imports more than 80 percent of its panels with most coming from China.

With all the projects based on government tenders that can incur major penalties for late installation, APM claims its new customised approach provides solar operators a reliable one-stop solution or single contact for the entire process.

To date the company says it has made deliveries to sites in Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and other regions in Central India – as well as the Thar desert – via the ports of Chennai, Mundra, Vizag and Krishnapatnam.