DB mega move for Megaproject

ESSEN: During the next three months DB Schenker will be moving 100,000 tons – or 400,000 cubic meters – of freight to the small port of Burullus in Egypt for the Siemens Megaproject.

The shipment includes turbines, generators, transformers and 248 boilers, each weighing up to 500 tons, for the construction of three natural gas power plants each with a capacity for 4.8 gigawatts.

To ensure the components can be unloaded and delivered to the construction site 16 kilometers from the port, the harbor depth has been increased to 5.50 meters, a 600 tons capacity crane added, a pier reinforced, and storage facilities and access roads have been built.

Siemens plans to begin supplying 800 megawatts of electricity from the Burullus power plant to Egypt’s national grid by the end of this month.

The additional capacity delivered by the upgraded grid is enough to supply 15 million people with electricity and help Egypt overcome its recurrent shortfall of energy that has had a detrimental impact on the country’s economy.

“I personally experienced it last year,” says Peter Ullrich, Siemens Megaproject Overall Project director. “You go back home and you see the microwave blinking and then you know there was yet another blackout.”

For residents this has meant interrupted refrigeration and cooling in prohibitively hot summers, while for businesses the energy insecurity has led to to production downtime, unpredictability and decreasing foreign investment. “This is exactly what will be avoided in the future, for sure. This is the goal we have been working toward,” adds Ullrich.