Höegh Autoliners creates new RoRo record

CHENNAI, India. March 2019. Höegh Autoliners has set a new record for transporting the heaviest breakbulk unit shipped by a RoRo vessel from India to the Port of Barcelona. The 107.4- tonne generator was loaded in the Port of Ennore, 24 kilometres north of Chennai for use in a new Spanish power plant.

Last year, the company successfully transported a 94.3- tonne mill shell from Mumbai to Dakar.

With extensive experience in transporting heavy breakbulk cargo and a fleet of handling equipment to meet the task, Höegh came up with a solution to use a 30 ft. long rolltrailer designed to transport cargo up to 160 tonnes.

Rolling breakbulk cargo on board a vessel reduces the risk of damage compared to lifting, ensuring a smoother and safer transport option, said the company.

Once inside the ship the generator was securely lashed on the main deck to ensure the sensitive cargo would not be exposed to seawater during the sea journey to Spain.