Manora delivers huge bucket

ANTWERP: Heavylift and project cargo specialist Manora Logistics has recently completed the delivery of equipment to the mine and iron terminal at the Port of Namibe, Angola.

After using ship’s cranes from the Hansa Heavy Lift (HHL) vessel Valparaiso to unload, Manora delivered a 320 tonnes shiploader, measuring 63 meters, and a 527 tonnes bucket reclaimer, measuring 51 meters, to storage facilities at the terminal.

The project was completed with the arrival of one more shipment from South Africa.

“This was a challenging operation that required strong engineering expertise and close cooperation with the customer through all stages of the project, from planning to discharge, in order to ensure a smooth and flawless operation,” said Bozidar Ukas, HHL head of Offshore, Engineering Department.

“We used the vessel’s cranes to add the shiploader’s counterweights for lifting operations and to remove them for the voyage to ensure safe lifting and sailing conditions,” he explained.

“Many thanks to all involved, and our special gratitude to the officers and crew of the HHL Valparaiso for their enormous hard work, “ added Luc Rom, Manora Logistics.