SAL Heavy Lift bridges Norwegian fjord

HAMBURG: January, 2019. SAL Heavy Lift has completed the delivery of 12 bridge sections from China for the 580-metre ‘Beitstadsundbrua’ fjord bridge in northern Trøndelag, Norway that will make travelling in the heavily mountainous region considerably safer and faster.

Norway has over 18,000 bridges, each with an average length of 250 metres. The bridge, part of a new road project connecting the towns of Sprova, Malm and Dyrstad, will begin installation in April this year.

“The new county road, including the Beitstadsundet Bridge, will eliminate the distance challenges the region has,” explained Jacob Almlid, special advisor Industry & Commerce for the Verran Kommune. “The new road and bridge significant increases the municipality of Verran’s opportunities to further develop existing industries and attract new industry,” he added.

SAL’s heavy lift vessel MV Trina shipped the 12 sections, weighing a total of 2,800 tons, from Nantong, China to Malm, Norway. All were stowed in two layers under deck, including the heaviest piece at 426 tons, with another layer on deck.

“It only took us 35 days to directly sail to Malm from Nantong in China,” said Sune Thorleifsson, SAL head of Projects. “Despite the unique conditions in the port of Malm, with an only 20-metre wide jetty and two metres tidal range, it took just six days until we were able to successfully and smoothly deliver 20,668 cubic metres of cargo to our client.”

Due to local port regulations, all 12 pieces were directly loaded onto SPMT’s 25 metres from the vessel for transport to a local assembly site.