Two new logistics centres for BLG Group

BREMEN: The BLG Group has simultaneously opened its second logistics centre in Falkensee near Berlin for Siemens and a distribution center for IKEA in Elsdorf, between Hamburg and Bremen.

Covering 45,000 the Falkensee facility manages supplier components for Siemens Power & Gas and its gas turbine facility in Berlin-Moabit and Berlin-Siemensstadt. BLG is responsible for picking the parts delivered, on-site transport with its own trucks, and distribution of the materials to their assembly stations in the Siemens plant.

Speaking at the opening, Jens Wollesen, head of the BLG Contract Logistics Division, thanked Falkensee’s mayor Heiko Müller “for support in gaining planning permission for both construction projects, Falkensee I and II.”

Over in Elsdorf, managing director of BLG Retail Logistics Thomas Krüger and local mayor Andreas Bellmann officially opened the IKEA distribution centre that handles incoming goods as well as storage and picking operations.

Krüger noted: “Our employees are the success factor for our high-quality services.“

BLG describes itself as a “seaport-oriented logistics services provider with an international network”. Over 140 year-old and employing 18,500 personnel, it has offices in Europe, America, Africa and Asia.

Pictured: Jan-Marc Lischka, Siemens; Jens Wollesen, BLG; and Falkensee mayor Heiko Müller open the new logistics centre ‘Falkensee II’.