Unique Jumbo load from Taiwan to Texas

MAILIAO, Taiwan: February 2019. A Jumbo K-Class Fairmaster recently loaded 16 ultra-heavy petrochemical columns and accompanying general cargo in Mailiao, Taiwan for Pacific Ocean Group on behalf of Formosa Heavy Industries.

The company delivered the 6,695 tons via the Panama Canal to Point Comfort, TX. The shipments included three ultra-heavy columns, one a 105 metres long wash tower of 1,720 tons and two EO reactors weighing 1,147 tons each.

According to the outsize cargo specialist, the Jumbo K-3000 with two 1,500-ton capacity cranes was the only heavylift vessel capable of loading all three ultra-heavy units along with the additional outsize pieces plus general cargo.

Netherlands-based Jumbo is a heavylift shipping and offshore transportation and installation contractor. Since 2003, it has become a specialist in the offshore subsea installation sector.

The company operates vessels with a lifting capacity from 650 tons to 3,000 tons.