Züst & Bachmeier moves world’s most powerful transformer

NUREMBERG: Züst & Bachmeier Project, part of the Universal Transport group, was recently responsible for the planning and delivery of the world’s most powerful transformer from Siemens for the GU Quan High Voltage Direct Current Transmission project in China.

It was the first of a total of seven 1,100 kV high-voltage, direct current (HVDC) transformers that Siemens and a partner company will supply for the world’s largest HVDC plant that will eventually distribute electricity from Changij in northwest China to the east coast province of Anhui.

Weighing 535 tons and measuring 13.60 meters x 6.14 meters x 5.90 meters, the transformer took just under 10 hours to travel the eight kilometres from the Siemens factory to Züst & Bachmeier’s heavy-duty logistics centre where it was lifted on to a special barge using a 600-ton strand lift.

The next stage of the journey included carriage via inland waterway to Antwerp and loading on to an MPV for the ocean transit. Züst & Bachmeier says it is responsible for a total of four movements on behalf of Siemens over the next few weeks.

Züst & Bachmeier started in Switzerland in 1911 shipping textile machines to Russia. In the 1950’s the company extended its business while retaining its core competence of shipping any project anywhere. In January 2016 it became part of the Universal Transport Group.